KK8 cock fighting online live SV388

SV388 x KK8

Just when people thought cockfighting would turn into a thing of the past or an activity only found in hidden suburbs, SV388 innovated this traditional sport into a betting avenue on online casinos, and to be more accessible than ever. Bettors no longer need to be physically present at cockfighting rings that may not offer the best aromatic experience. KK8 offers cockfighting through SV388 because this sport has such deep roots in Malaysian history.

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Choosing a Rooster for Cockfighting

Participants place bets on a rooster based on the color of its leg band. Players have the flexibility to determine the wager amount they wish to place on their chosen rooster.

How a Winner is Chosen in Cockfighting

In situations where both roosters sustain injuries preventing them from continuing the fight, handlers will elevate their roosters to allow them to peck at each other. The rooster that ceases pecking first is declared the loser. To secure an online victory, a rooster must land two successful pecks.
If a rooster retreats or flees from the cockpit, it is deemed the loser.
The online cockfight betting process is straightforward. Bettors have four potential scenarios or options to place their wagers on – Phoenix, Dragon, or Draw (in cases where both roosters succumb during the battle), and FTD (full-time draw). An FTD is declared when both roosters remain alive with no decisive outcome. In such instances, the match concludes within 10 minutes.