KK8 Slot software provider: Jili


JILI, a game provider from the Philippines, is a huge hit among Malaysian online casino players. On KK8, it ranks among the top three slot game providers.

Claim 20% Bonus to Play JILI

Most online casinos in Malaysia do not offer bonuses for JILI. However, here at KK8, we wish to extend a limited time 20% bonus special for those of you who wish to play JILI games. See more at KK8 Promotions.

JILI Games you Should Pay Attention to on KK8

SuperAce Slot Adventure

When Super Aces align with Golden Cards and vanish, they transform into Wilds, amplifying the Elimination Multiplier rewards! Trigger the Free Game and watch the Elimination Multiplier bonus double. Utilize Golden Cards for a chance at limitless treasures.

Featuring 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 paylines. When Golden Cards align and vanish, they turn into Wilds, boosting the Elimination Multiplier points.

In Free Games, the Elimination Multiplier doubles, offering endless opportunities for big wins through continuous eliminations.

Golden Empire

The Inca Empire is brimming with gold. Follow the Chief into the Sun Temple to uncover a hidden stash of riches. Experience non-stop excitement with the ability of gold frames and shifting discs to morph into wild cards.Unleash up to 32,400 potential connections. Gold frame symbols vanish, making way for wild cards. Enjoy unlimited multipliers in this free game.

Jackpot Fishing

Grab fantastic prizes right at your fingertips! Dive into a world of diverse fish species, each with unique rules for quick wealth, targets, and rewards. Expect any species to appear anytime, anywhere, with a chance for a random 5x bonus upon capture! Ready to discover the path to instant riches?

Boost the Max Jackpot by wagering your entire stake and targeting various fish species for rewards. Earn five times the standard payout when your combo snags a special fish.

Dinosaur Tycoon

Experience a groundbreaking Dinosaur-themed fishing adventure! Immerse yourself in a sleek, cutting-edge fishing game equipped with an extensive arsenal. Feel the thrill of living as a wealthy resident of Jurassic Park.

Hear the roar of dinosaurs as you rack up prizes. Grab an astounding 1500 multipliers with the Golden Tyrannosaurus.


JILI Slot Game Download APK

JILI being a partner of KK8, enables you to play JILI slot games without having to download the JILI APK separately. You can play directly from the KK8 platform. If you wish to have a more stable and reliable experience, it is advisable to download KK8 app