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Hot Road x KK8

Hot Road Casino’s interesting feature is their robotic arm, which aids to enhance transparency in card management. Utilizing advanced robotic technology reduces traditional gameplay delays, resulting in a smoother and more efficient gaming experience. Additionally, Hot Road Live Casino delivers unmatched entertainment through cutting-edge interactive features for its players. KK8 is proud to be one of the very few online casinos in Malaysia to offer this provider.

Robotic Arm Games on Hot Road

Hot Road uses state-of-the-art technology, including a robotic arm camera, to deliver a highly realistic online gaming experience. The gameplay is straightforward: players place bets on either ‘Player’, ‘Bank’, or ‘Tie’. Two betting limits are available—one for low-limit tables and another for high-limit tables. The custom-built system features embedded sensors that read bar-coded playing cards and display real-time results.
Hot Road offers a diverse selection of baccarat game types, including Dragon, Ping Pong, One Two, and more. Each game comes with its own unique rules and mechanics, providing a variety of options for players. This allows for continuous enjoyment, with games available 24/7.
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